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Due diligence audit

A due diligence audit is performed in order to determine the correctness of the information presented to the purchaser for a business acquisition. It is also used to determine the risks and opportunities of the business that is to be acquired. For an acquisition it is important that what you take over is what is stated in the annual financial report, or the liquidity prognosis. This information often shows the trends that must also be taken into consideration for a business acquisition.

Selling party

The selling party can also use a due diligence audit to review its financial records. This can be used to provide documentation in order to support the starting point upon which the financial details are based.

Services Rubicon

The services Rubicon provides are aimed at acquiring and selling parties. When acquiring a business, you can have the financial details assessed by us, in the knowledge that you will not encounter any big surprises after the acquisition. For selling parties we can provide a thorough financial audit to support the structuring of the sale