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About us

We believe that providing financial services is more than just the supply of the latest information. It is that belief that led to the incorporation of Rubicon Tax advisors in the spring of 1997. Nowadays we consider involvement with our clients, looking beyond tax and financial issues and spending time with our client to achieve the best results, just as important. The same applies to our accountancy department, which was set up at the end of 1999.

In short: The professionals at Rubicon provide more than just advice; they assist you as entrepreneurs.

Our name

We laid the foundation for the currently thriving company in 1997. It was then that we chose the name Rubicon. This is the name of the river since it was crossed by Caesar and is symbol for resolute entrepreneurship. The name Rubicon turned out to be an extremely suitable name. We currently have a large group of clients, resolute companies, entrepreneurs, foundations and individuals, which have been with us for many years. These are all clients that are not afraid of taking steps for the future and taking decisions after careful consideration, with the help of Rubicon. It is a role we are glad to fulfil. Assisting our client on deciding the right strategy and a suitable solution is something we feel strongly about.

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